Friday, November 25, 2016

WEG Handicapping and Betting, Notes and Comments: November 25, 2016


5 Katies Beach was rock solid last week, blasting to the top, letting the favorite go and following her all the way to the wire. She was 2nd best for sure, but she clearly won the race she could. She has been sharp for weeks and picks up J Mac as McNair goes to the 9 horse. She is 12-1 ML, which I dont get, but I`m sure she will be in that range or a bit lower. If the bearcat chalk can`t keep the party going, she easily could be the one to step up. She draws the 5 hole again, and that is a very good post at WEG to deploy her style. Big shot for a nice price. 

3 Aintsheasweetie drew poorly last week and had to go to the back of the bus. She picked up live 3rd over cover in a good flow, but gapped that a shade turning for home. She stayed on the bit and stormed home with the pack and just missed the ticket in a blanket finish for 2nd. I like her determination to pace right to the wire, which she always has done, even when she was drifting out 9 wide for previous trainers. Carmen has her sharp. Shot tonight as a longshot if the flow and trip work out for her. It would be great if she was away 6th and 2nd over rather than 3rd over. 

8 Pop Goes Theweasel seemed to turn her form around last time. She blasted out for the lead, let one go, and was up on the bit the entire way. The one that cleared her had no pace and even had trouble getting by, then backed her into a bad shuffle, while another blew by that one and opened up. She had to wait the entire turn and then some to get back out and go forward. She appeared to lack some room, but had lots of pace, but maybe not enough momentum built up. This can be considered a class drop relative to that field, and Fillion goes to the 6, who is red hot. JJ is fine for this type. Post 8, so she isn`t likely to cut it. I can see her getting it done if the trip works out at a big price. 

6 Hot Spot Hanover got back on track last time and kept it going. She is hard to discount at this stage. She just keeps winning and doing it whatever way she needs to. There is some competition in this race, and I could see her being ground down. I will go against her again, as I did last week. Its very tough for mares to keep this kind of form for two months. She is approaching that time frame now. Its a simple probability play. I dont ignore her form. That is rock solid. No doubt. 

2 Selling the Dream didnt have much pop last time and generally it appears she is a shade tired from a long season. Badlands Hanover mares are well known for simply losing their form for a stretch. Ms Mac N Cheese showing that even the better ones from that sire do it. This one didn`t leave last time, picked up live cover, but began to hang badly by the tote board. That is not how she was just a few weeks ago, when she would simply mow them down. This is a bit of a class drop for her, but I`m not sure its enough. Her last two have been poor, and 3 of her last 4. I see a downward trend. I go to others.

9 Big Tsunami is a poor leaver and that gets her the parking ticket most weeks. Last week it did just that, and while she ground and worked her way up, she was on her hands and knees at the wire, holding 2nd in a dead heat, but the majority of the closers were almost past her. Post 9 makes the journey longer this time. This field is much deeper than the one she faced last time. Pass on her this time on post and class. Another week maybe. 

10 Miss Babe Delight left out evenly last time, but when she made her move 2nd over, she was following one who was never traveling well. When she went to go around that one, they hooked wheels and down the drain went her chance at 2nd. She wasn`t beating the winner either way, who she faces again, and since she has the 10 hole here, I will take a pass on her and wait for another spot. 

4 Three Dreams got the win October 7th at Philly. She had the rail that day, was the favorite, sat the pocket the entire way and came up the passing lane, an all out drive to hold off the pack that was with her. Otherwise, and since, she has been overmatched. Cullen has purchased her, and I don`t think all his slashing and rocking will make any difference with her. If he pulls her, she will hang and go backwards. These look too tough for her in my view. I will keep my eye on her. Maybe at the bottom condition she will do some damage.

7 Dontbruisecarrie used the 2 hole to her advantage last week, blasting out and settling into a pocket on the chalky winners back the entire way. By the last turn, she was steppy and bearing in, coming out of the turn well inside 2 pylons and being outpaced by most of the field. She draws poorer here, and looks overmatched. I`d say a 15 claimer is more appropriate at this point. Pass.

1 Docs Sausalito missed retention last week and was scratched. She drew two 8 holes in the Autumn, and even won with one of them. although she was forced to go to the back both times. Cullen has one of his own, so Randy is back at the controls. Her best reference are the lines before the Autumn, where she was spotty with lesser than the top 3 or 4 in this race. That, added to the rail, means a pass for me. I will keep an eye on her. She is likely to find the right spot to score by Valentines Day.


8 Striknglyimpresive  is a borderline basket case type, but when she behaves, and gets the lead, the odd night she just stays at it. She shows up 3 weeks from her last, with lasix added. The new go-to tactic for any trainer when the horse stops. Its just something they try. It works on some, doesn`t on others. Based on her breeding, its likely to work on her. She is very chancy, but I will call her to upset the obvious chalk, who I like. Its strictly a hope she behaves and that she can come back to her overall speed with lasix added.  

5 Maker a Yankee is a new horse for Blake, and has 140k in the bank over 2 years. You can`t knock any of that. CC took her over one of Per`s, and that also is a plus. She certainly stacks up well with this bunch, but also only has 1 win all year. That could be because she chased stakes fillies all year, and also she is 3 weeks out of the box. A lot of mixed variables. This certainly is a class drop relative to any line she has on the page. In her last, she did want to leave from the outside, but was stacked up 4 wide in the turn and took back, then pinned in the rest of the way until late, where she trotted forward. She also bears in just enough at Yonkers to think the bigger oval tonight helps her cause. 
3 Miami Magic isnt always the prettiest trotter, but she sticks to trotting in spite of it. So, I look the other way when I see her parade in a generally suspect way. If she were to look better, she would probably handle this bunch with ease. She made 60k and hit the ticket 50% of the time going like that all year. The winner of her last race came back to trot in 54. I give her a big shot in here because they are pretty soft top to bottom. She has a bit of class. 

 1 Hurricane Hazel left well but backed away last time. The top 2 were kind of tough relative to what she meets here and she was almost off a month sick between starts. Post 1 is a problem here for her, and I will go to others. She will come around and win one this winter. I don`t think its this race.

 4 Smash Hit draws better, but loses CC to the 5. She just doesn`t do enough either at the start or the finish to play her most weeks. I have gone to her a few times lately, but I will look elsewhere for now.

6 Agent Dinozzo loses J Mac to the 10 horse. That isnt good. Anyone that watches this horse knows he needs a lot of babying just to get away clean, and even most of the way to keep him trotting. Talent and speed he does have, but just as many issues. I don`t like the idea of a new driver on him, even if it is an experienced trotting guy like P Mac. I can`t back him with all I see on the page.

7 Pollar Hall caught a huge break last time as the leader broke as he was hung out to dry and that gave him the front by default, He held on for dear life, and now tries the next level up. I cant see him at this stage. He was probably better off being 2nd last time and grinding out big chunks in that class but not winning. That ship has sailed now.

2 Joyous Hall comes off 2 breaks at Flamboro, a get around clean qualifier at Woodbine last week, and as far as I remember has never won a race on this circuit. She isn`t even winning at the B`s this year. 1 win out of 23. Pass for me. 

9 Tuscans Memory drops out of the Autumn, but draws poorly here and would be up against it even if he wasn`t on the outside. He doesn`t show the speed he needs for the ones who are likely to make the ticket here. I`m not sold Moreau makes a difference on this one. The pacers he has gotten from that owner yes, but not the trotters. Most of them just are poorly bred and no good period, or B track stock. Pass. 

10 V for Victory has X`s all over the page, for Allard, who would race a 3 legged dog against lions and have him eaten. He simply doesn`t care and has zero respect for all the bettors and every horsemen out there. He wins strictly on volume of a large stable. Once again, I will not consider any qualifier that a horse races in if I know the history of the trainer is to cheat to win. He is barred from many tracks for a reason. Pass on this horse in a real race. 

Consistency is really important when you play horses. Knowing that,  if you stick to your guns you are going to get beat by the exceptions. You have to learn to accept that part of the deal and stick with what you think you know, and what works for you. I have concluded the rail at Woodbine, and to some extent Mohawk,  is death for trotters, and especially young ones. And also, any of them that need to be out near the lead, and will not park and finish as we saw last night with Stormont Dundas when he put in nasty steps leaving and was forced to rough it, a trip he cant take. That variable is in play in this race, and my comment on the rail horse will reflect that. Sure, an Olympic Son can always turn that theory on its head for a race, but thats the game. We all get beat by a Mr Carrots every now and again like last Saturday, but we don`t change how we play, unless we think we need to. I don`t. I`m confident most young trotters from the rail are at a huge disadvantage on the night they draw that post. And further, I`d by looking to play them back the next start if I like them generally. Very much how we viewed the 8 hole back in the old days at Greenwood. Its goes against all logic that the rail would be viewed that way, but it is what it is and the data backs it up. If you stuck to that theory last night, you got both Entranced and Escuela on that very angle. It made just enough difference that they both got it done when they didn`t have a poor start and tough trip like they did their previous start.

8 Night Witch looked good on paper last time and her last race prior to showing up here was solid, but she paraded sore behind and didn`t have the jump she needed to. That cost her late. I have to think Boyd has looked after that, and that makes her a big player in with this bunch, at a bigger price with the 8 hole this time. Post parade watching is important, because none of that will be on the program page going forward and perhaps gives you reasons to play a horse others might ignore without a valid reason. I use that angle here on this one. She could still be sore, and no good, but she could also be better and win at a price.

6 Swan for Dee shipped into Philly from Hoosier, where she was a bit player conditioned claimer for Erv Miller, who has moved her out of the barn for the younger prospects, as always. Libby takes over now, and he is very good at tuning up this type. She is a long gaited, slick trotter, like many of the Swan For All`s, and resembles Bags For All in that way, who is another who wasnt much at Hoosier but came here and really stepped up...over time. Last time, she left out but had to take a seat, then pulled first up when the pace was slow and the ones in front of her were gapping, only to get to the wheel of the 1-5 shot who picked it up when she put some pressure on him, and he drew off. She held 3rd and I can respect that mile. She was a lot better in that class when she left out for the top and sat a trip. Just the type of trip JJ can get for her. She is a player here, and I think has a shot, but I wont list her on top. For sure a use in the pick 5.

2 Sunrise Avenue has been keeping tough company this year, and doing well. Her last at this level she was a narrowly beaten 2nd. That winner went forward right away, while she tried some tough customers and held her own but didn`t win. A repeat of her last probably beats these, although that was also 3 weeks ago. I have full confidence Zeron has her ready to race in spite of the gap.

3 Sibson got the pocket trip and got up late to beat a group of professional maidens. He will need a few to adapt to these. Pass for now. The jury is out if he makes the transition at all. He will have to show he can at least trot in 57, which he has not yet done.

1 Are You In trotted a better overall mile last time, still away poorly, but benefiting from others who didn`t perform and a leader who blew up under no pressure. That was his first start for Walker and he took his time down a bit as well. Its no great insight to see she is very good with trotters, and that has to be respected. However, tonight he gets the rail, and that will put him deep behind the 8-ball again. His two starts on the page from the rail, although they weren`t for Walker and both appear to show he was miles over his head, he didn`t perform at all. I will stick to my guns and leave him alone this time, but I think he is a prospect to cash a nice ticket at some point this winter.

9 Oceanview Pancho got the WEG acid test last time on the move west from Cheapville, and he burned up. He was great until they started to trot away at the tote board. He comes back with the 9 hole here. I will wait to see if he adapts. My gut feeling is he wont, and he is destined for Flamboro or London. His high earnings and wins are the only reason he didn`t start out there. That is the lot in life for Sire Stakes horses who beat up on mutts for 2 years and have to face real competition when they move uptown to face the talent.

4 Classical Son has not impressed me in any way from what I see of him, and with two gate breaks sending him to dummy school, he will have to be seen and show he can behave for openers.

5 Grace Duharas draws better for her 3rd try with these. I wasnt impressed by her maiden win, nor her starts before that. She is a bit player at this level unless she shows a lot more.

7 Hills Angel is 2 for 30 lifetime and a consistent bad behaving type. I have to see her show some consistent racing to even think of backing her.

10 Prince of Minto I will watch this time. No point in even rating him when he draws the 10 hole and shows up the first time to try this track.


6 Casimir Operaqueen was out the entire mile last week from the 10 hole for her first try at this track. At times, she was out on her own, and seemed lost, and was prone to ease up, something you see a lot from her sires foals. Zeron kept tapping her, and she kept going forward. In the lane, he gave it to her and she kept going forward. She is a big long striding filly and Woodbine suits her.  For all of that, she got beat two lengths and comes right back with the 6 hole, the best post at this track. She is a must use, and she is 10-1 ML. I can see where that is not realistic, and she will take serious money, but I`d still want 9-2 to give her a try on top. I`d think that was reasonable.

8 Casimir Pardon Me ships in and has dangerous variables. First off, who is Cliff McGuire
? Never heard of him before last year, but he ships in with horses like Waltzking Hanover and Vital Sign that look horrific on the program then win, win, win. Secondly, this horse was parked the mile at London last time, but kept at it. I`d have to give her the longshot benefit of the doubt with Trevor signed up. She could just flop, but she is interesting.

3 Northern Prima floated out mid pack last time, stayed in and picked up positions up the rail, and then ran into a brick wall in the lane. She did keep up, and might have gone forward. Being that she is a Jeremes Jet, I say might. I can use her on the chance she does if she gets a similar trip here. She has improved for Arsenault. For sure.

2 Life Groove  got up late for 2nd last time at big odds. It was a good effort, but she was one of many and had a nice tow, only to hang a shade early in the stretch. One race does not winning form make. I will pass on her here as she draws the shorter price and go to others who have close to similar form but are likely to bring higher odds.

4 Lucky Player  left out last time but had to stay in, Fillion was reluctant to pull and waited until the last 2nd when he got Travis to sacrifice and do the work. That got her in the picture as one of many at the wire. I think Fillion has learned with this one that she wont work for it, and thus, I can rely on the likelihood she gets some kind of unlucky trip. I can go elsewhere, when there are others to go to. Pass.

5 I Wish You Well moves up off a solid win where she took the pocket and blew by late, holding off one who has some talent, but wasn`t so dangerous last night. I think she will need at least one in this class, probably 3 or 4, before she can be considered a win candidate. I like others on this night. She has promise. Lets see if she goes forward. She is fast. For sure.

 9 P L Jasmine backed away and disappointed me last time as my top pick. She gets the 9 hole and picks up Cullen. I have to pass this week. Maybe another week. Maybe Cullen buys this one too if he likes what he sees.

7 Drift Panic drops out of the Autumn, where she was overclassed, coming in after dominating Rideau rats for months. I`d have to see a lot more from her to go to her in this type of field. The jury is out. She is classified now to see what she can really do. I`m of the opinion she will need to find a claimer if she is to do.

1 Mrs Krabappel is one I watched race several times when I watched Truro for a while this summer. She is hard to watch. Or was. She is an ugly traveler. Brealey has made her go, and for whatever reason he is good with those suspect gaited All American Native`s, so I have to view her in terms of what he has done with some of those. She was 3-5 last time at Flamboro, and she is a half leaver, so she ended up first up, dueling with the leader, and others benefited when they got to the wire. I`m not sure she has A track speed, and if she shows she can pace around 55, might be ok for a conditioned claimer or even the bottom fillies and mares straight claimer. Pass for me tonight.

10 On the Minute Mark has one lifetime win and draws the 10 hole. She was solid last week. I will wait for next week if she draws better then. She is a good leaver and follows well, her fathers daughter. Working for it though, is not her sires forte in most of his foals. See Leaf And Wings for evidence of that.

 RACE 5 

Part of the game, with these types, is class dropping, and dropping money to get to the class you want. In those cases, you race them easy when they are over their heads with the idea that its better to get no money than get 4th or 5th money and try for 1st money the next time out. That is the game. Most of the players in this race are well aware of how to play the game to milk a good buck out of these types. When I was in it, we called that putting one in jail. Better to do your time than try to scale the wall and get shot in the back.

2 Lindwood Beachgirl  drew badly both in the BC final and last week. She gave them 17 at the quarter last time, but was only beat 3. That indicates she has adapted to these older mares, which is where she will race unless they intend to breed her this winter. She stacks up well here with a better start.

6 Lovethewayoulook flourished under Weller when she came here but was laid off. If memory serves, she got on the no race list for a positive, but there is no mention of a DQ on the program. In any event, I recall it and have to think she isn`t as lively without the junk. I can go elsewhere. Again, a qualifier is not a race. Maybe he has different junk tonight that gets the same effect but wont test. Maybe.

9 Greystone Ladylike was her old self last time and class rises mean nothing to this mare when she is on top of her game. She has a post disadvantage to a couple I will go to over her, but she could easily overcome that. 10-1 ML is foolish. She could even be 3-1 at post time.

3 Rubis Prescott made a confident move to the top last time but had trouble clearing and then backed away gradually. She can go up and down like a yo yo with her form. She maybe is tailing off now and these arent soft enough. I like others, but if she were to reverse the form back to full speed ahead, she is dangerous.

8 Bet Ya has been flat for weeks and looks raced out. She loses the inside draw, and while she could turn it around, I wouldn`t count on it. I will wait for a class drop to see if I like her then, or want to go against her then. She drops a 9k win tonight, so, she could easily hit bottom next week, and still go down as is.

10 Victoria Semalu was full value on the front end last time in the first start for Moreau. These are tougher and she has the 10 hole. No thanks.

5 Regally Ready was flying late last time to just miss 2nd by herself, and gets a much better post here. She is a durable warrior at 40 starts for the year, but this class level has proven tough for her at times. I have to like others based on what she has shown. She drops a win off her card this week, and I will watch her for the likely move back down for the score attempt. Zeron knows the game. So do I.

4 Barockey moves way up without winning. Why, I dont know. Pass, yes, that I know.

1 Wildcat Magic is not one I prefer in with a salty and talented bunch like this. I will wait for the move back down to where she won last time, or lower.

7 Naughty Lady B is in very deep with most of these. Cant use her in this class and I`ll wait for a class drop.


9 Bring Me Diamonds raced a huge trip last week, first time claimer, from this post. She vacated the pocket after racing hard to get it off the wings, only to have to move early because Trevor was on her back with the main competition and he would have pinned her in if she stayed put. I would expect she is cutting the entire mile this week unless Trevor wants the top. In either case, she will have a chance to turn the tables, which is my call. I`d hope for 3-1 in that scenario, and I will take it.

2 Miss Jones Shooter gets another try in this class, will get claimed tonight and will attempt the 3peat at even money or less. I like her, but I`m not sure I take that short a price in this race. She just got up last week, and she is the type that waits on horses, which is a dangerous thing and can get you beat even when it shouldn`t. Contender, but no cinch. The outside two probably blast again, and we might be in for a rodeo. That might not favor her.

8 Queenofhearts laid way off last time and that paid off late as she came on for a decent 3rd. She has upside, but although she went for the lower tag, she still drew bad. I will pass this week, but list her a minor shot if all my top 3 bomb out. Unlikely, but its a horse race.

10 Jump Jive and Jam takes the high tag and gets post 10 again. That worked against her chances in the lane last time, and I suspect it will again. I would think JJ backs off and tries it from off the pace this time. That can get her 3rd or 4th, but it appears a 2 horse race to me, and she isn`t one of those two.

1 Howmacscanasta ships in for Puddy, after bagging 73k in the Maritime Sire Stakes. A pretty nice slice for that type of program. It also gives her no shot at conditioned types on this circuit, as her speed doesn`t match up to that sort of class. So, right into the claimers, no fooling around. 57.1  over Truro is about 53 or 52 at this track, so, she certainly rates a shot with these. Her dam made 390k and won in 50 and change on this circuit, and the family is loaded with big money and fast winners. She should be good enough to compete, unlike a lot of Maritime types that are nickel breds beating up on worse nickel breds. However, she didn`t finish off the season well there, and I want to see one from her, now that she is also off almost a month. Pass, but watch with interest.

5 Twenty Three Red drops out of the Autumn where she was outclassed and drew bad anyway. She comes back first time lasix and with a tag. She looks like a B track type to me, and I will have to be convinced Lasix will step her up. I dont see the talent in this one.

6 Charming Hill was pretty good in the straight 12, but is 2nd tier with this level of pacer. I think she gets left behind when they start speeding up towards the last turn. To me, it looked like she was going all she could go last time and that wasn`t good enough to get money.

3 Diamond Tested has a maiden win at KD to show for her career. That wont even get close to cutting it here. Total pass.

4 More Than Many left for position last time, but couldn`t go with the top bunch when they paced away. Pass on her. She needs to find a softer level of competition.

7 Boozer Bruiser made a break leaving last time. I cant back her until I see something positive. That will come. When it does, I will take note.

I`d need my top 6 for both the last leg of the early pick 4, and the opening leg of the late. I would be able to do that because I would only take 2 in race 6.

2 Legal Process got up for 3rd last time off the layoff. She is obviously viable here for the combo of Weller and Henry. Post 2 gets her near the top and I wouldn`t be shocked if Henry blasts down the backside and tries to gain control. Being ahead is sometimes how you beat horses who get to this level and dont have the desire to go by if they dont have the lead.

6 Voodoo Charm was steppy leaving last time and Fillion held her together, then kept her in while the flow moved past her. Perhaps Moreau fixed the issue. I will need the post parade to make that call for myself. She is either very viable or sucker money. That is a post parade/post time odds call I will make.

3 True Reflection draws a lot better this time and is much more viable when she does. This can be considered her class drop if you ignore the bias she went against last time. Trevor went to Weller`s, and so will I. This mare knows how to get beat.

5 Show Some Leg draws better here but she is a half leaver. She did lack some room last week in the lane as she tried to go forward, and even lost some chance when the one in front of her was backing into her before the last turn. That sounds like excuses, and it is, but in this type of field, excuses play, when most dont even have an excuse other than they are simply no good.

10 Whistys Paradise takes a class drop, but certainly needs to. Post 10 isnt a big deal to her, as she will close a ton and will take major air if needed. This field is ripe to be taken by one of her kind. I`d give her a minor shot to do that.

1 Dazzle N Delight ships in from Flamboro, off a decent line. She has won at this track before, and mostly in the winter when they soften up to her style and speed. She has a shot if everything goes her way.

4 Little Miss Sporty cant be backed from what I see of her. She simply has poor form and she backed away off a soft trip last time in a gapped out weak field.

7 Shellyssilvermoon seems to have huge gaps between races and that bothers me. She is viable on form, but its suspect as mentioned in the previous sentence. At 5 for 68 the last two seasons, I can go to others on the probability she finds a way to not get there on time either way.

8 Shadys M Three cant back her from what Ive seen of her on track lately. Hunt won one last night. That fills his quota for the month. Pass.

9 Honor Roll  draws bad again and gapped out badly leaving last time. Not sure why Cullen wont put her in a soft condition at Flamboro. Oh, I know why. She won her way out of that. One more zero, and she is back in with those. One zero to go. Coming up. 


2 Mr Irresistible comes back to the class where he was 2nd off the claim, then daylighted them. He tried tougher, but his class didn`t hold up, and he is back in where he might get claimed, but can make money and win races for Moreau. That is the name of the game with him. Big shot. No cinch.

3 Maserati Seelster tried the conditioned ones last time and was trounced. Back in where he belongs, I suppose he is viable. He has never been the most consistent or sound pacer, and making him race over his head gives him a license to regress. I will go against him. He was pretty weak at the wire even when he bottomed these out 2 back.

5 Sky Guy has ok form for these and he wins his share. I could see him because others can easily fail here. I will list him underneath with a shot.

1 Think Again has settled into a class that suits him. He is one of many in here, but the post 1 start will have me going to others. He likes to lead, and leave, and that doesn`t seem like it will work out here. He is 2 for 54 the last two years, and even more if you add his 2yo starts. He is hard to like on top if you don`t think everything will go his way.

4 Sierra Madre is another coming back on very short notice. For a really lame one like him, I cant see how that works out well. He has been racing solid, but they are racehorses and limbs arent made of steel. Pass for me on that angle.

8 Mystic Deuce comes in off 2 qualifiers, the 2nd one fast, but behind a maiden who bombed out last night and an 8 claimer who has been well whipped all fall in every race he has been in.. Nixon had him before he claimed him back I believe. I will watch this time. He is hard to read based on many variables.

6 Watt a Funny Face wired bottom end fillies on Monday night, and it appears that is the style her connections will live and die with. Coming back on short notice is a risky play with one who was spent at the wire Monday. She meets others who will test her for the front. Its a tough call. I will go against her.

7 Lookin Ata Winner beat Max Is Back, who got on the list, and otherwise, has not gotten it done vs these. I have tried him and he has failed every time. I will go elsewhere.

9 Pylater cant go to this one off what I see. I am willing to accept a certain amount of lameness in this class, but this horse is an entire other level. Add the 9 hole to a class rise, and I toss.


2 Imagine Dragon was flat last week, as is her MO. She is good, then great, then so so, never know. She is her sires daughter. She could easily turn it right back around with Zeron taking over the training. I will go to her this week if the price is right. I`d want 5-2 or higher, hopefully higher.

3 Wrangler Magic has tried to wire these the last two and has taken them a long way. No Sandbetweenurtoes here, so, it gets easier to try. If she could take the 2 hole and come out late, she is the one. Will she? I dont know. Shot.

4 Delightful Hill draws slightly better here and picks up McNair, who can wake them up first time he drives them. I can make a case for her to trip out. I did that last week and she didn`t. I will stick with her to make the ticket with a legit shot to take the biggest slice.

7 Ms Mac N Cheese was certainly better last week, but still beaten. she is coming back around, but I`m not sold yet she is back to herself. Fillion doesn`t think so either. He picked who he thinks is better right now. That is good enough for me.

1 Waasmula has bagged another 260k this year, and might even get to 300k if she turns it around next month. Cant knock that. But she has raced hard to get it and now seems flat again. She usually gets long breaks between races when she goes for a long time, and she could be due for another of those. I cant back her the way she has been racing when she hooks a tough bunch like this again.

5 Request for Parole is in way too deep with this bunch for me to try her. Pass.

6 Yagonnakissmeornot is a month off with a vet scratch. Pass for me. I dont like what I see on the page, and we see what Allard is willing to race.

8 D Gs Pesquero is razor sharp, but likely to get dull facing this bunch. I will have to see how she stacks up. I cant see her being dangerous with this bunch as is.


2 Sunset Sara goes first time Moreau off some decent Dayton lines and she was a competitive ISS filly, which can be a tough program that has produced Colors A Virgin and other nice fillies. Top call on the trainer bump.

4 Stylish Beachwhere draws better and has a big shot to score if she remains sound and can leave a bit better. She catches a much softer bunch than last time.
5 Dewar N Soda has been on the improve for a while, and gets back in with overnight mares while finding the middle of the car. There is a lot to like, but a couple in here still look more talented. I list her 2nd.

9 Queenofthejungle draws bad and that really hurts her chances. Another day, a better post.

8 Wasaga Beach didnt like at all what I saw last week. Pass and watch for now. She has issues.

3 Bettys Bay is in deep with this bunch. She wired a soft bunch one level down. Not this time.

10 Docs Diva jumped it off last time and was out of it. Post 10, I like others a lot better. She will have to be seen for a future play.

6 Misty De Vie I think she has hit the wall, and I will pass on her until I see a sign that makes me change my mind on that.

7 Collective Wisdom beat some really soft ones last time by opening up on them. I like a bunch a lot better than her.

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