Thursday, February 15, 2018

Woodbine harness week in review


About A Boy never had any room to go forward
Casimir Quasimodo solid late close off cover, improving
Confident Fella seemed very live, had to alter course stretch but went forward again.
Dreams On Me good late close for first time starter
Fight Again fts. Only raced from ¾ to wire but was going forward willingly
Stormy Cash finished strong. Learning to be a racehorse
Thrownoutofbetter getting better every time, weaved thru traffic late
Twin B Epic ugly steps the entire way

Artistic Madison closed huge from an impossible spot
Asa Onamission traveled well the entire way, popped plugs mid stretch, under wraps, never urged
Flying Isa N looked to be struggling to get hold of the track
Give Angel Credit struggles a lot trotting behind
Kinda Like Her post cost her chance, left out, shuffle, held up, split horses late with pace and went forward
Kloof Street closed well, has some hidden form
Shooteronbye tough luck trip. Backed into.
Sr Beach Babe lacked room stretch, but was going forward

Buttermilk Hanover on poor cover, strong late close
Credit Risk strong late close but on the right line bad
Exhilarated wired them much the best
Lets Wait And See strong late close from well back
Major Hill on suspect cover, kept going forward late
Major Muscle  lacked racing room much of the way
Mego Moss bearing in bad last turn, inside pylons
Ramblingamblinman left out hard, no hole, tuck, shuffle, closed well late between horses
Rockin In Heaven lacked racing room till mid stretch
Shadow Place strong front end mile, beat by 2 sharp horses

Charmbo Orbit closed very fast into a fast back half
Clever Thing lacked room to go forward, then came on sharply late
Cresurrey  raced well, locked in, travels like a cantab hall
Etruscan Hanover best he’s ever been
Jimmys Secret decent close from far out of it
Legend Within sat last, trotted a strong mile to finish
Mcsinner Man held up backfield, strong late close between horses
Trisun lost a tire after the half
Western Tyrant very hard used to make the lead

Data notes

Feb 1 and 2 no wins. post 6 won 5 races and controlled the front end
Feb 9th..... post 5, strong bias to those making the front. Jordies Hope and Dangerous Precedent took huge advantage of that.

Feb 10th....none
Feb 6 controlled the front and won 4 races
-3rd favorite has not won a race last 3 cards. 
-race 6 due for a longshot, likely the 4th or 5th fave 
-post 2, no wins last 2 cards 
-post 5 and 6 very good this month, post 4 worst percentage post this month

 Live horses on performance ratings

A Boy Named Suuzz
About A Boy
Artistic Madison
Blue Line
Casimir Quasimodo
Charmbo Orbit
Classy Dragon
Cue Hall
Dazzling Rockette
Docs Sausalito
Every Time
Kloof Street
Lets Wait And See
Nickle Bag
Par Intended
Resistance Futile
Reys N A Rocket
Savannah Smiles
Simon Said
Sodwana Bay
Twin B Epic
Upvote Hanover

Note Savannah Smiles and Twin B Epic rate high on performance form, but have spotty or troubling on track signs that make them post time calls based on value and soundness. 

horses highlighted in yellow rate high on trip notes AND performance ratings.