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WEG Handicapping and Betting, Notes and Comments: December 1, 2016

Note that this is post position order, not suggested plays, as will come later as each race approaches.


One of the things that doing a very thorough blog every time can do for you is provide with a detailed note and analysis of a horse from previous races. I don't always remember what I wrote, although I've always had a great memory. In those cases, when I don't have a great read on a horse, like most of us do on older ones like Evenin of Pleasure, Shambala, Fearless Man..etc., I can just look at what I wrote. I certainly can't recall what I wrote about Deuce Deuce Deuce, so, I looked it up and here is what I wrote, and I will watch his last race to try and put that evaluation together.

"Deuce Deuce Deuce has been off 6 weeks, made a late break last time, and comes back with no qualifiers but adding lasix. He is hard to like, but reasonable enough to think he can step up in a pick 4 scenario. Usable but I wouldn't play him with a win ticket. His record before the break and layoff was better than most of these and he is competitive in this class if he finishes better and stays trotting. "

And now I also remember he didn't get lasix, as was scheduled.
1 Kilmer Road  raced 3 times last winter, winning once and being 2nd the other two times. He certainly showed speed and ability, but he never looked right doing it. Whatever it was, it has kept him away the entire season, and he missed the Sire Stakes. He qualified in the summer, but did not race. He showed back up November 24th, and got around. While not charted with a break in any of his starts, he was very close to running at most points in the mile. In the qualifier, he skipped and had to be steadied by Kelly, who obviously has good hands. He got him away clean, but he had that suspect gait most of the way. In a lot of ways, he reminds me of Zeus Lightning. He just barely keeps at it, but he can jump it off at any point. They basically walked all the way around, but brushed a fast final quarter, which he did in 28.4 under no urging, but on the right line really bad. I will watch him once. He will have to smooth out for me to go near him.

2 Innovative Force jumped it off last time and took himself out of it. He is very erratic, like young trotters can be. I will have to see him parade and make a call on what I see. If he were to leave out again and stay trotting, he is viable for a nice price here. Not having to do it from post 10 and dropping back into an overnight makes him attractive if his on track appearance matches his potential.

3 Deuce Deuce Deuce took back early last time, was deep in the backfield, in no hurry and in fact gapping the one in front of him, who was also well out of it at the half. Jackie Mo began to let him trot, under no urging, and he gradually worked his way up to the front and bagged 2nd money, a bit steppy at times, being held together. He did have the whip up where he could see it the entire way, but he didn't let him have his head. Its a tough call to say he can trot if he puts him to an all out drive. They were walking home, so closing into that isnt a great indicator of speed. When he broke his maiden, the horse that finished 2nd is still a professional maiden toiling with those. That is his lone lifetime win. I wouldn't be taking any kind of short price on this one, but would consider him for the picks and also a straight win bet if somehow he brought a value price. I'd want 6-1, and I doubt that is there.

4 Tattle Tale Hall is 2 for 44 the last two years. When she is behaving, which is rare, she can blast out and either cut the mile or sit a loose 2 hole. That type of thing can play with a bunch like these from a decent post. Byron got her around last time, and basically went a training mile at race speed. He let her leave, and ducked her into the 2 hole, but never asked her to go or had to grab her up. She was a willing follower and looked okay doing it. She isn't the prettiest trotter, but the trotting hopples keep her viable. He did ask her late, but she was outtrotted as the pace picked up sharply. Its was a good overall effort for her. She is possible tonight, but easily could revert to her history and jump it off. Good use in the pick 5. I'd have to get a big price to play her as a win bet. Lets say 25-1 or more. That could be there. She was 70-1 her last two, and could easily be ignored here.

5 Dayliner picks up Renaud, as Walker might feel she is safe enough now to pass to another driver. She has always been one with a big brush who blows up late or just peters out. Her times and back halfs are certainly well in line with this field and she is a contender. Post parade would be important with her. She does have soundness issues.

6 Crystal Girl comes in off 2 wins at Flamboro, and that cant be discounted. McGuire has certainly done well at this track since he has arrived. Last time, she simply floated out from the rail, pulled first up, and caught a huge break when the 3-5 fave on the front ran and she inherited an easy lead with nothing but one speed types behind her. She is also one of those, and I doubt she has the speed that top rung rung does in this race. Nice B track horse who can grind out a good buck by staying trotting most of the time. She has never beat 2:01 and she will have to show me a lot more speed. I don't see it.

7 Majestic Mistress seems to be all over the map, in terms of what you can get from her. She won the 2nd leg of the Autumn 2 back by getting away slightly better and picking them off late on a night when that was a very good tactic to use. Last time, in the final, she had a poor post and Holliday took her to the back, worked her way up the rail, and split horses late, only to have a breaker stall her once, and another shut her off at the wire. It was a solid effort and she is a clear contender tonight if things go her way, which they must. She needs to be away in the top 7 and get into a good flow. I'd want 8-1 to try her, and 12-1 would be decent value. Pick 5 must in my view.

8 Monopoly never really had a clear path to go forward last time, but he was trying to. When he finally looked like he might, its possible he got nicked in the face with McNair's whip and he shied away, then ran. Either way, he was live and was going to get a solid chunk. JJ stays on, and this one is certainly improving as he races. Post 8 tonight for one that only has one maiden win, with several who look viable, I will probably go to others, but he would not be a shock and I certainly think he is going to win in the next few starts, if not tonight. I'd be inclined to go deep in this race and he would be one of the ones on the ticket.

9 Devils Advocate has generally improved her consistency under Vanderkamp, and he has gotten her to quiet down and relax as well, which was always her greatest fault. She is still prone to making a gate break, so that has to be considered, as does the 9 hole tonight and the short price she is likely to attract. She went a big trip last time in the Autumn Final, leaving out, making a winning move to the top down the backside but ending up 2nd best to one who tracked her, then tracked her down. She is viable, but she is risky. She also has 169k in the bank, which towers over this bunch. She is also winless on the year, and that is a concern facing winners.

10 Asterix has a lot of strikes against him tonight. Post 10 is a hole he likely cant dig out of, and even if he had a better post, he is facing what appears to be 3 or 4 more talented than he is. I can't go to him, but he is on the improve and I will continue to watch him. If he stays on track, win #2 should be on the horizon.


1 Vow to Wow takes a 2nd try at this track, draws better, although the rail can be tricky. She improved her time and was racy last time, but the winner is far advanced relative to her and the 2nd place horse looks like a big prospect for next year. She was solid considering and has a reasonable shot tonight.

2 Ponder the Dream is 0 for 26, and left out last time but still packed it in. I still see nothing to go on with this one.

3 Kimberlys Baby made 3 starts in the spring but was NFG for Wallace, and shows back up for Blake. She is another in the long line of Vintage Master's that have flopped, and raced very sporadically. I have to see her parade to make some sort of judgement call on her soundness, which at this point, I have no clue. She looked sound enough in her last qualifier, although running in a bit at times. Her fast times on the page and her fast last quarter in the qualifier lead me to think she will take big action, and I will be happy to go to something else and have her beat me if that occurs.

4 Style Snapshot comes in a winner at London, and has won 3 of 7, but gets to start out with maidens here. She has done well at the B's getting out close and gaining control or following and pouncing. That isn't likely to work with faster ones like this. Last time, she had a 4-5 shot who was ill gaited and looking to run the entire way, and did at the half, and an 80-1 shot who was 2nd best. None of those gets a sniff of this track, ever. I will pass on this one. She has to show me she is more than a B track horse.

5 Kloof Street made one impressive start in early summer, then was entered in a Gold but scratched sick. She is a very willing filly, with a go forward attitude, but she is still very green and doesn't like to follow. Saftic has been trying to teach her that she has too. Obviously, if she is being aimed at the Gold's next year, she wont be the best one every week, and she will have to learn to trip out. She is 12-1 ML, which is shocking in my view. 

I'd be looking for 4-1 and I'd take it. She only needs to behave, and be raced to win, and she looks like the one to me in this group.

6 Dorabella is what she is. And what that 0 for 26 and a bit player type. She has bagged 22k to this stage, in small chunks. That is how she will earn her keep.

7 Bonnies Gem catches a break as the race office opens up this class and lets a 3 time winner in with maidens.
She will have to do a bit better to take down a couple of these, but her racing with tougher is a plus when she comes to some of these with that experience in her resume. Minor shot if the logical young ones don't perform or show up.

8 Columnist loses Saftic to a legit young one with a future. This one is 0 for 30 and counting. She has bagged 29k and can probably eek out another 10k in this class this winter. When she wins one at the B tracks, her future is as a 5 claimer.

9 Warrawee Star  paced a decent mile last week to bag 3rd. Post will hurt one like this, and I will watch her again to see how she is progressing. She could end up coming around, with her breeding behind her, or end up like a Dorabella come spring, with 20 starts behind her and some decent earnings, but no wins. The jury is out on her for now. 


1 One Too Many comes off a vet scratch sick, and has now missed almost a month. She is another looking for a level to be viable and profitable. She will have to be seen.

2 Tymal Wizard was claimed 3 back and taken to Flamboro to either get brave or tuned up, or both. Mission accomplished. He won the last one in 58.4, a good mile in the winter at Flamboro and that speed stacks up with these.

3 Jls Bad Moon Risin is 2 for 32 life, but has a reasonable shot with this bunch off the right trip and flow. His slow starts dont help his cause. He does make the ticket in more than half of his lifetime starts, and that has to be respected when you look for class relief. It suggests he hasn't been winning but has decent form because he has been over his head. No Georgies Pockets in this one.

4 Secretcode Hanover continues to finish with terrible last quarters and isn't able to get closer earlier because of his suspect nature of traveling the turns gait wise. He doesn't show the overall speed of many of these. I like others. Vanderkamp can make me pay in this case if he proves me wrong. I would leave this one off the ticket and pick 5.

5 Northern City Girl comes off a Monday race, yet another of Weller's that he has chose to jam. That didn't work out for CS Eye, and it did for Dreamy Fella. Trevor has to drive his own, and that gets you a new driver if you want to back this one. I wont. I didn't like what I saw in Indiana from her, and I don't see how she can go on 3 days.

6 Benvenuti  has always been the bad behaving type, with rocks in his head. I see nothing to suggest he is maturing out of that. His last qualifier is not something that leads me to think he can do much in this spot. Pass.

7 Giant Muscles aborts the conditions mission for the claimers, looking for something he can beat. He draws slightly better here, and that will help his cause. He already has lasix and trotting hopples, so there isn't much more that can be done with him, other than try to find a level he can excel. He has a shot on the class drop, but its a minor shot based on his slow starts and weak desire to go by any horse.

8 United Bi won a leg of the Autumn, but didn't get it done in the 2nd leg and got no money at all in the final. Henry's generally move young trotters when all stakes options have been exhausted. This is step one to moving him, or finding a level he can win at and having the claiming trainers step up and take him on good form. He was bearing in significantly coming out of the last turn and on the right line in the lane. I would watch for that in the post parade. Little things beat horses like this when they look like they are spotted right on class and form. I am on the fence on this one.

9 Lmc Mass Oak goes back into the claimers, but draws bad. His connections are ahead if he gets claimed, as he is slightly above that tag. Post is likely to hurt him, as he isnt the best finisher, nor the toughest horse out there who can take air. He has a shot if things go his way, but I like others better. If he were to draw to the middle next week, I'd like him a lot more then.


1 Lyons Delight has his two lifetime wins at KD. He has been completely overmatched at this track, but that was with proven winners who were tagging looking for a spot to avoid other proven winners. He gets to try maidens in here, or ones that are really A track maidens but have won a race elsewhere and have low lifetime earnings. He is somewhere around a 56 pacer at this track, and I dont think that wins this race. Coulter gave him every chance to get up for 5th money last time but he simply couldn't go a step faster when he needed to. He would be the perfect  Cal Expo horse, but he resides on the other side of the world currently. I have to pass on him.

2 Wildcat Jet is one I called last week, and I'm inclined to go back to him. I expect a huge price, and JJ now knows him and possibly can blast out from a better post and try and save him for one late move. His last quarters and back halfs are good enough if he is close enough to save all his energy to use it. Shot.

3 Spaniard another looking to run the tab to 28 with another defeat. I don't see a scenario where he wins this race. That is really saying something when you look at this field top to bottom.

4 Sedona Seelster got out faster last time, but went virtually the same mile he went the previous time, only with Randy not Doug Hie. That was good enough for 2nd, which took me by surprise. Unlike his other KD friends in here, he is one who never even won there. So, he is behind them on class scale, being that he is working on running that tab to 28 tonight. I will pass again. He could reside in this class for a while and pick up shares if he can be a consistent leaver. No need to ruin a budding also ran career by winning and putting him behind the 8 ball ....yet.

5 Jrs Big Buddy surprised 2 back when he was forwardly placed and driven and hung in for 3rd on two fairly nice prospects. Last time, he reverted to the mean and was more like what I expected 2 back. Tonight, he is another getting in with maidens, when he has 2 lifetime wins. He is also one of those that is an A track maiden, so in my mind, he is a maiden if he races at this track. Due to the nature of this field, I can rate him a shot if he can leave fast again and follow. Odds will be key. I don't know what he brings. I'd think Moreau's is getting hammered here, so I could see 10-1 or higher here. That makes him attractive as a possible longshot play.

6 Mr Match on Beach accepted his post position fate last time and simply came late to nab 2nd, while the winner was a forwardly place pocket sitter who got the jump on him. He makes start 6 of his career, and the 2nd one for Moreau. He looks like a single, and towers over this bunch on many variables. He could easily go off 1-9, almost surely at 1-5. He looks tough to go against if he parades as he appears on the program. I would expect Trevor to send him and not take any chances by following anything that might back into him. He has never cut an entire mile. Sometimes those don't know what to do when they are out there by themselves. Trevor is plenty good at reminding those types when their mind can wander. Its a consideration but he has "much the best" written all over him at 5pm in the afternoon.

7 Hughgetthecredit impressed Cullen enough that he bought him off the previous connections. Is he good enough to bag a win at this track? I have my doubts, but he isn't impossible with this bunch as they appear. He can fly off the gate and he is very handy. He isn't brave. Hopefully Cullen has learned you can't take many first up at this track like he could at Century Downs. I've seen signs the last week he is getting that message.

8 D M Reacher gave it up last time and looked horrid doing it, almost running and certainly not impressive in the way he paced the stretch. Pass for me. I don't think he is A track material, and he meets at least a few in here who are.

9 Homer Run got 3rd money with a better post 3 weeks ago. He has a win at Flamboro and a decent overall record. He isn't out of this, but a lot would have to go right with him and wrong for and to others. I will watch him parade. I missed him last time because he appeared to be a no shot type. Taking his time down to what this track insists you do to compete is a tick mark in his favor for me.

10 Casimir Patriot went forward last week, as I expected he might based on who his sire is. Post 10 might halt that progress here. I will wait for another day. But watch. He has the chance to win this class if they keep opening it up and he stays on track.


1 Casimir Low Gear moves back to this track with decent form  One of many as is many times the case in this class this time of year.

2 Calgary Seelster wired them two weeks ago but either didn't get in last week or wasn't entered. I'm not fond of playing cripples when they make a few last gasps on class and guts...not when they are likely to be short priced favorites. I will be consistent and go against him again. He wiped me out of the pick 4 last time. I will take my chances again.

3 Scotty Mach N  hasn't made the ticket on the page, and he has had a lot of chances. I will probably go to others. He is very possible, but not as probable as they look to be.

4 Hoosier Your Dali ships in after Joe C. claimed him 3 back at that track. He raced poorly the first out for him but was better last time. We have seen him do very well with this type, also with any foal of Dali, and he obviously has a shot in this tilt. Have to see him on the track to get some read. Most Dali's are smooth gaited and pretty sound. I expect the same from this one.

5 Cheyenne Ford has suspicious form and lines as he ships back to the big time. Another I have to see, but I'm not inclined to back him off the lines on the page. He has more negatives than positives as I look his entry over. He can turn that around over the winter. I will be mindful that he has done that many times before.

6 Crankin It Up makes his 2nd start for Weller after he gave it up in the lane last time. I can go to him if the price floats up. Weller is very good with this type 2nd and 3rd start in his barn. He has the right post to blast again, but maybe he lets one cut the wind for him this time and try a second move later. That has worked very well for Miss Jones Shooter, and also worked well for Diggin In last winter until he was so good he just sent him every week. This one isn't that good either way, so it makes more sense to try it.

7 Curator laid off and got up for a going forward 2nd last week. That was about the best he could do. Another who you could make the case for, but his driver is not a regular on this circuit nor does he even drive many of his own. In a race where you could pick many, I'd have to think the odds are stacked against him being the one to take the big prize down.

8 Bieber Hanover seemed to come to life last time, as Carmen's are prone to do. I don't know what to make of this one, but he seems to go backward as fast as he can pull out of reverse and go forward. He is possible. but I wouldn't play him with my money.

9 Be Calm Hanover looked terrible on the track last week. Pass until I see something that doesn't look like what I saw last week.


1 Perfect Lover is late to the races, coming in off a win, but draws the rail. I would think Lyle is just here to teach this one and take some time off him. I will watch. I never underestimate a top notch horseman like this guy to bring him to top form when the time is right.

2 Mister Blues makes his 2nd start, and I was suspicious that his qualifier would not be duplicated, as it wasn't and I will watch again. I'm on the fence

3 Spot in the Sun looks impossible off the program and the qualifier did nothing to change my opinion. He will have to be seen, assuming he can trot the mile clean.

4 Edl Angel has some upside to consider. She trotted a solid mile in the qualifier to get picked up in a fast last quarter by a proven winner, and she comes in off the layoff, hopefully fixed up from whatever the previous issues were. Jody sticks with here, and if she can leave that fast again, and take the time down, she is viable. I would have to see her parade to see if there are any issues in the physical department to dissuade me.

5 Jagersro has had a lot of chances to graduate, but has not. I cannot envision a way this race plays out that she wins, unless they fall down and she is off by herself.

6 Free Willy Hanover will debut for Vanderkamp with suspicious form, good breeding and fast miles peppered around breaks, layoffs and coming from a noted trainer. We have seen this movie over and over again this year and last. Will he take monster money because of that? I don't know. I can't touch him, but if he were to impress me parading, I'd probably lay off the entire race. He is one month since the qualifier, and I would suspect Vanderkamp has had him almost that long and tinkered with him.

7 Golden Man I will have to watch again. He is a project and was acting up again in the post parade last week. He needs to mature to be viable. He is coming along, but it could be a long process.

8 Hilarious Hero raced Monday but continues to be a maiden who cant win a race. Post 8 makes it worse. Pass.

9 Igocrazy Without U is showing signs she is the type of maiden who can win a race like this on a night like this and blow up the tote board. That would probably require most of the ones who look viable to completely blow up. She can probably take the rest. She has a shot, and the price is likely to still be huge. I'd use her in the pick 4.

10 Road Light is one I cant see in any scenario. I will watch for some later play if he keeps coming back. 


1 Hooter Shooter is quickly becoming one I will look to beat almost every week. He looked like a prospect when he first surfaced, but I see troubling signs and I would not touch him until I see some correction of those, if possible. He has clear soundness issues and those types usually get worse with more racing and no layoffs. He will be watched closely to see which way he goes.

2 A Bettors Risk was borderline dangerous with Moreau and almost took Fillion down a couple of times when he got crossed up pacing. His 2nd place finish, on the exit from that barn, came when another wiped out the entire field but him and the winner. That was a lucky break for him, but he still he was shipped out by Moreau. He shows fast last quarter speed in the two return qualifiers for Hohner, who is very capable. That might get him overbet here. I will watch, but wouldn't touch him until I see him pace properly.

3 New Standard goes for Giles off the claim. He is very good with this type, but I will have to see him motivate this one. He finds ways to lose and he has done a lot of that.

4 Toy Cop got the trip, pulled the pocket and got home first last time. The maiden is now a winner. He is the ML fave, which is curious, as I don't think that will be the case, but I have changed my opinion on him as he has learned to race and they have learned how to race him. Trevor ditches him for Moreau's one. He is possible, but might need a few to adapt to winners. He might be one of those who gradually becomes a better race horse. He is learning, and progressing.

5 Bugatti exits the Autumn, where he was in with some very tough customers, many of whom have 5 or 6 wins and fast lifetime marks. He wasn't embarassed in that, but overmatched for sure. He is 9-1 ML, which is ridiculous, and I'd think he goes off the chalk. I like him, but not sure how low a price I'd take. He has a reasonable shot on the post position and class relief, as well as his fast overall times and form. I'd be looking for 3-1 to consider him.

6 Sure Fired Bet another one coming out of the Autumn, and getting post relief with decent form. Being 2 for 28 lifetime though leads me to think he is a player, but leaning more to bit player than major player. Contender, but I prefer others.

7 Century Churchill same old story. Pass on him until he shows me he wants to win races. I don't see it.

8 Emptythetill tripped out at 10 cents on the dollar at Philly for his only win thus far. Otherwise, he has been marginal at best. He has the type of breeding where Carmen might make a big difference, as he and his connections purchased him recently. I could see him as a player but there are others as well.

9 Sharky Shark draws poorly and that will hurt again. I like the horse, and did last time when he almost held on. Another day, I will be back on board. 


1 Emperor has been off more than a month as he shows back up. He is hard to like from the rail.

2 P H Blackjack was put on the front last week, but he caved in and backed through the field, in spite of a very soft half. Something clearly went wrong, and I don't think he is as bad as that line suggests, but I'm not certain that even if he is fixed up, he is good enough to beat all of these. I wait to see what he can do if all systems are go. Brealey will find the right class and spot for this one. I will wait to see where that looks like to me.

3 East End still does not look great in that last turn, and he is tagged with the idea he wont beat better than he just did, and its better to hunt for softer competition while he is still viable to beat them. I'm not sold he is anyway. Pass for me.

4 Just a Thought draws much better here and that makes a big difference for him. I can see him if the 10 doesn't show up, or gets held up by traffic.

5 Jds  ships in with the rest of the Joe C string for this meet and he is a 2 for 30 winner. Another I have to see to have a read on, but off the program, he looks over his head with a couple here.

6 Mr Mach Jimmy goes off the claim, Moreau to Cullen. Don't like that angle and not a big fan of the horse anyway. I will pass.

7 The Avenger got 3rd last time. He hangs around. Not tonight for me.

8 Lil Richie still does not show me he is anything more than a bit player. After the trip he got last week, I would expect JJ to take back and race for the small prize again, and if he happens to luck into more, that is a bonus.

9 Mister Pibb cant see this one from post 9 the way he has raced at this track.

10 Imsporty looks close to the best on paper, and his late blast move style has turned out to be a winning one most nights. Fellows protects him here. That might get him beat, but its a good sign that he want to hang on to him.


1 Clouseau Hanover  qualified well, and he has talent, when he can stay at it. I have to see him parade to see if he is viable. He could easily be the one. The rail can actually hurt one like this, and that is a factor that would lead me to not take any kind of short price and go shopping elsewhere.

2 Southwind Savage seen more than enough of his hanging ways. I will pass on him. Dorabella has already won tonight. The odds of two of these types winning on this card is not something I'd bet on.

3 Chummy Park picked up some money last time, but he still looks like the longest of longshots to win at this track.

4 About a Boy looks like he needs a few more before he can be considered a win candidate. I continue to wait and watch on him.

5 Hes Gone Bad is 3 races into his return, and he seems to be stalled at best, and going backwards is more accurate.

6 Badstormanyport bounced from the qualifier to the race, as I thought he might. Maybe the price floats up here. I'd be willing to take a shot with him if it does.

7 Red John gets back in with maidens, which helps. He isn't impossible when you have trouble finding many in here to go to. Shot.

8 Eas Ideal cant touch this one from what I see of him. I will look him over. Maybe one week, Weller finds the key to why he runs in so bad. Or, maybe he just ships him.

9 Ardeen wired them at London, but now comes back and draws the 9 hole. Cant use him, although I do like the horse and liked his last race at this track.


1 Im the Pied Piper goes 2nd start Lasix, and he is possible, but he is a bit of a cheater and his post suggests he will have to work for it. I'm on the fence on him.

2 Rockabella has horrid lines, and if the 1 is a cheater, this one is a master cheater and non trier. Pass.

3 Canadian Edition is a nice bottom claimer at this track and decent lower condition type at the B's, but has always had trouble winning any condition class, even the bottom one, at this track. Pass for me.

4 Bali drops here, and he does win a lot of races. He has a shot, but I like others better on form and past winning ability at this track.

5 Hes a Sensation draws better this week, and that really helps his cause. He should be tough to beat here if he doesn't end up first up.

6 Real Kid totally collapsed on the engine last week. I have to pass and watch. He needs to find a better overall way to race.

7 Mac Raider ships in, and on a good night, he can easily handle these. He doesn't have many great nights anymore, but he is capable enough if the 5 bombs and nobody else steps up.

8 Smalltown Terror has not performed for Moreau, and comes back here with the 8 hole. I cant back him at any price.

9 Hidden Potential made a bold move on the turn Saturday night, but gave it up, as he is prone to do. Post 9 shoud do him in here.

10 Brookdale Sonny is not one I can touch with post 10, and at this stage, not even from a good post. He took his time down a bit last time. Lets see if he progresses.

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