Monday, February 27, 2017

WEG Handicapping and Betting, Notes and Comments: February 27, 2017


3 Cheyenne Ford blocked in the lane last time. Likely winner.
4 Jimmy Be Good spotted right, a shot, but prefer my top choice better.
5 Dalton Did It not out of it, but he tends to hang late and let others pass him.
6 Cobalt Man can he take them all the way? I say no.
2 Ocaptain Mycaptain off the claim, moves up, pass for me.


1 Etruscan Hanover big move last time. If he holds that form, he can work his way right back to the top quickly.
5 A Rod Hall if he holds it together, he has a shot. Big if.
2 Burnin Money  finds a way to get beat every time, but a money making machine.
6 Marquis Volo I suppose he is possible, but I like others better and this is a deep field.
3 Catch the Dream fairly good right now, but still starts poorly and doesn't always hold form week to week.
4 Major Athens has to be seen. Did not look good at all when he was shut down at Yonkers, and his previous trainer is a known chemical trainer.
7 Big Rich cant see him at all.


5 Tattoo has nice tactical early speed which she didn't get to deploy last time from the rail, but when asked to pick it up on the last turn, she trotted home reasonably strong. She had to wait for racing room to materialize because she drove up the pylons and the leader didn't bear out, but when free, she came nicely at the solid chalk winner. She is a serious player if she can race like that again and hopefully get up near the lead.

4 Work That Magic floated out to follow last time, then had to wait for room, where she slid out on the last turn, had the most trot of them all in the lane, but looked to hit herself near the wire. She comes right back on 7 days, hopefully with some adjustment to keep her trotting. She is a stretch, but one who is possible to get it done if the fave cant get it done, which is my play here.

6 Summit City Turbo seems to have been a project for Zeron since he got him last year, and now as he gets back racing, shows signs of developing into something. My take is Zeron doesn't keep this type around unless he sees something to work with. He put him on the engine last time and he lasted a long way, just giving it up late. He had missed a month if you count the break before as a non effort, so he could be tighter here. The front might be the place to be in this one.

8 Summajestic draws poorly again, but gets to drop back in class and closed willingly last time. He isn't impossible in a race where you could make a so so case for 3 or 4 longshots, of which he is one of them.

2 Man of Destiny was simply better than the rest in his first two, and got away with just floating around them. The back half was slow last time and I doubt he can get away with that racing style with proven winners. I will go against him and say he will meet his match in this class for now at least.

3 Magic Missions has one lifetime win from about 30 starts, and did nothing at all from the 9 hole last time. He seems more of a B track type to this point, and its hard to see that he is the longshot that upends the faves in this race, if that is to be the case. He is one I can leave of the exotic ticket.

7 Igocrazy Without U finally got the maiden win when she got the front end and was able to come home in 31 and change to seal the deal on some very soft ones. She was okay last time, just okay, when she slid out and came after the leader but could make no headway. I'm not sure she can win this class and is probably headed back to Tioga for the summer to try and grind out a living there picking up pieces.

1 Innovative Force doesn't appear capable of beating this class of horse, and has tried various styles to no avail. Can't see him with these.

9 Pampered in Pink draws poorly again off a very bad line and loses Randy to the favorite. I would think this is a test drive to see if they can sort her out. She has not looked good in a long time and even Per couldn't fix her.


7 Undrafted took money for his first lifetime start and he did okay. More will be expected this time. He is bred to be a top colt, and is only now getting to the races. Whatever it was, he is here now and looks as good as any of these. I could see him, but he is hard to pick on top, as are some of the other ones.

3 Only Half Bad has put 30k in the bank, but has yet to get 1st money. That is a good thing for him, as he looks to be in very deep once he wins his way out. He did blast last time, but that lead became a 3 hole by the half, and he wasn't about to pull first up, so he sat in and never really got any room. Its debatable if he would have gone forward anyway, but he might have. He is a very longshot, but he is usable if you are willing to toss a shorter priced horse in here for that spot, which I am with another.

1 Get Decked is hard to miss in a race, as he goes with a very low head, like Artsplace did. He moved first up last time, his first start for Allard/Roy, and came into a quickening pace, but paced right with the winner to the wire, who had the fractions his way and the head start. However, he was choppy in the last turn and bearing in enough to notice a few times in the stretch. He is logical enough, but for the short price he should bring tonight, I'm inclined to use him but take others in the hopes his issues are enough to get him beat again. He does have speed and a willing attitude.

8 Desired Treasure is coming along, and has a minor shot, but post will hurt and he still needs more finish to beat the best of this bunch, whoever that might be.

10 Beyombo might have been a player 2nd time Robinson, as he has some speed and he did okay enough from the back last time. Post 10 means the same trip, and hope for a small piece and keep progressing. Spotting them 17 at the half, even if you are going to take back and brush late, is just too many. Lets see him get to within 10 and finish only 4 behind, and draw better next time.

6 Chummy Park came alive with Roy, but still has not won. I am willing to leave him off the exotic ticket and use the 3 with that spot. They both havent won a race and have had about as many chances. I will take some price and the hotter driver in this case, so if its one of them that gets it done, I would bank on it being the other.

4 Hermanus is a first time starter who was qualified by Trevor, but he sticks with the 3, who is a longshot anyway as well. I will watch to see what this is about. I would think he is out to learn tonight.

2 Sedona Seelster is a maiden, 30 times and then some. He is finding it hard to keep up, and others have more speed overall on the page than he does. Can't see him, even in a race where I'm looking for a longshot to pop up.

9 Santanna Tony was a big longshot from the two hole last time, and will be a bigger one from the 9 hole. He will have to at least prove he can keep up, which he has yet to do. Watch but skeptical.


5 Majestic Presence the logical play if you dont like the other two obvious ones.
4 Lmc Mass Oak he is possible on his best day, but that is hard to count on. He usually more of a bit player.
1 Free Willy Hanover another step up, I think he is about to the point where he will stall a bit.
3 Batoutahill starts slow and looks suspect at times. I like others.
7 Air Glider moves up, but will need to find more speed we have yet to see.
10 Windsun Missile post negates chance here.
2 Presquille ambitious class rise. I cant see him with this bunch.
6 Major Muscle looks to have hit the wall with this bunch. His gate speed is not enough at this level.
8 Macho Mass moves up without winning and hasn't really been good for a couple of years.
9 Miami Magic moves up and gets the 9 hole. Hard to make any case for her.


pass on this bunch and watch.


3 P L Jerico post is favorable. Call for the upset.
4 Olympic Son hes solid, but like last time, he is beatable.
1 Zeus Lightning doesn't win much anymore. I will stick with that conclusion until he shows me otherwise.
6 Stormont Kate up a level now that she has more trouble with.
5 Utopia picks up Roy, but these are tough for him with any driver. Pass.
2 Grana Padanno likely needs one.


I will pass and watch this one. Interested to see how Dovuto looks parading and racing. Priced to win and sell, but there is always caution when you see that with a horse that is clearly on the downside of his career.


6 Major Hill back to McNair. Looks as good as any of these.
7 Highlandbeachycove slow starts hurt his chances, and he is likely arrive too late.
2 Mr Mach Jimmy big improvement last time, 2nd off the claim. Loses Trevor, and he will have to do a bit more to take the top prize.
3 Sir Galahad another in the mix in a contentious race where trip will likely determine it.
5 Lyons Sands one of many, but I like others a bit better when it matters.
1 Little Woody have to see where he stacks up at this track. Others look more viable.
4 Migrate Blue Chip hasnt shown he can beat these.

Pass on this bunch. Interesting to see Mighty Peruvian. He looked pretty dangerous to control last time. If he is more tractable, he is dangerous enough.

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