Saturday, March 22, 2014

And Steve Asmussen as "The Joker"

The following is a (interpreted) statement given by Steve Asmussen in the fantasy world that he apparently lives in.

"Today, with great sadness, I have relieved Scott Blasi of his duties as my assistant trainer after 18 years of service. I have to say that I am in total shock that he treated my owners fine animals this way, and that his foul language and repulsive attitude were so upsetting to many (including me) who saw that on the videotape now circulating.
I have never seen any such behavior from him before, nor did I have any knowledge (as head trainer) that he was attempting to run a former Kentucky Derby second place finisher (Nehru) with horrific feet until he had to be put down. Nor did I have any knowledge that he was giving Thyroxine to my whole stable to make them feel better and run although they are lame, nor did I know he was using shock treatments to try and fool the state veterinarians.
I in no way condoned any of these actions and actually had no knowledge they were going on. It is not standard practice to do any of the things he was doing in that video. He was acting on his own account and was not instructed in any way by me to do these things. 
I have and always will have the best interests of the horses in my care and the owners who supply me with these horses."

Said Steve Asmussen to nobody who will ever believe his total load of crap.

When reached for comment, Scott Blasi was very succint.

"Holy Batcrap Batman."

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